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Highest Quality Teeth Devices Available in the USA

National Board Certified Technicians Working with Dentists for Over 40 Years with Over 300,000 Teeth Devices Sold

 Our Teeth Impression Kit Enables You to Receive Teeth Devices From Home

With Each Teeth Device Order you will Receive a Teeth Impression Kit

From Your Impressions we Make Devices Like the Ones Found at Dental Offices,  For Half the Price !

Included in the Price of Your Teeth Device are the Following Free Items

Free Complete instructions on how to take your teeth impressions.
 Free  Impression trays (small, medium and large) to best fit your teeth.
Free Additional impression putty if you do not take an accurate impression your first try.
Free 3-way postage paid shipping.
 Free Set of plaster models of your teeth with your teeth device on them so you can see how they should fit.
 Free Teeth device carry case.
Free Teeth device adjustment.

 Click on Desired Product Image for Details and Options

This is how it works:

  1.  Order your desired teeth device, from our products page, and we will ship you a teeth impression kit. (A teeth impression kit is included in the price)
  2. Send your teeth impressions back to us in our postage paid envelope.
  3. We will manufacture your desired teeth device from your impressions. (This takes approximately 10-12 business days just as it does when you go to a dental office).
  4. We will send back your dental device and e-mail you with your tracking information.
UPPER TEETH instructional video
LOWER TEETH instructional video